– In 1996, Thanh Danh Manufacturing and Trading Company was established from a small production workshop with an area of 300m2 and went into operation to manufacture the following products:

1.     Rubber weather stripes for construction industry

2.     Door gasket automobile industry: car, truck,…

3.     Rubber trim for automobile industry

4.     Rubber spare parts

5.     Technical plastic products

– By 2001, THANH DANH Rubber Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established with an area of 2,500 m², human resources increased by 5 times comparing to 1996, and machinery increased 6 times compared to the old facility.

– On April 2, 2011, the company decided to expand the production to meet the needs of localization of rubber – plastic auxiliary products for domestic and foreign industries, the company inaugurated a new, modern factory. located at group 4, Loc Trung hamlet, Hung Thuan commune, Trang Bang town, Tay Ninh province with the name:


– In 2022, the company itself has expand the total area from 1 hectare in 2011 up to 1,7 hectare, with the building density of 65%, 35% rest is surrounded by greenery area